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Established in 2001, the Sierra Mountains chapter of the Top Hatters Motorcycle Club is the 3rd of 6 chapters. Although our chapter may be primarily seen in Jackson, Valley Springs, San Andreas, Angels Camp and Sonora our territory covers a very large landscape and our members are spread all throughout the northern Sierra Mountains and foothills of California.


The original Top Hatters MC was established in 1947 in Hollister Ca, the birthplace of the American Biker and is one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in the United States. The Sierra Mountains Chapter strives to keep the traditions of our mother chapter alive. We are not a social weekender riding club, we are a brotherhood of bikers that take riding and flying our colors very seriously.


The Top Hatters Motorcycle Club maintains a strong regard for family, brotherhood and motorcycling. Riding and strengthening our brotherhood in the biker community is our number one priority. Our club members are bikers from the heart and are proud to be to be in the brotherhood. Much of our time is also spent producing club functions that benefit our local community and we help out whenever and wherever possible.


The Top Hatters Motorcycle Club is a strong and elite brotherhood of serious bikers and membership is not for everyone. Prospecting for our club can be a very long and demanding process requiring pure dedication, loyalty and sacrifice. We don’t give our colors away; they are earned through blood, sweat and respect. This is a process that not everyone can fulfill. But the sacrifices are well worth the reward.


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